2009 Pilot

Collected here are the very first This Reading Life podcasts. A class of seniors created these feature broadcasts in the spring of 2009.

Volume I, Episode 1: Applying Ourselves

This episode of This Reading Life examines an annual rite at Reading Memorial High School: the college application process. This process has a greater effect on life at RMHS than you might think. This audio piece is approximately twelve minutes in length.

This episode was made by the teacher to serve as a model for student projects. It can be accessed in the Gcast player located at the bottom of the page. Episodes 2 through 10 are student-made projects.

Volume I, Episode 2: The Hart of RMHS

This episode of This Reading Life offers a close look at the personal qualities and professional responsibilities of the assistant principal in charge of juniors and seniors at RMHS. There's more to the job, and the man, than you may know.
By Megan Edson, Casey Falla, and Rachel Kenney

Volume I, Episode 3: The Closing of A Local Landmark

Atlantic Supermarket, a part of the Reading community since the early 20th century, recently went out of business. What factors caused this Haven Street institution to close its doors, and how are shoppers dealing with its absence?
By Nicole DeMarco, Frank Munro, and Johnathan Smileye

Volume I, Episode 4: Twilight Obsession

The Twilight series of novels by Stephanie Meyer has millions of readers. When an adaptation of Twilight hit movie theaters last fall, tickets were sold out weeks in advance. The world seems obsessed with Twilight--has the Twilight obsession hit Reading?
By Rachel Tracy

Volume I, Episode 5: Welcome to R-CASA

What did the town of Reading do to address a troubling increase in drug overdoses among young men? They developed R-CASA.
By Christopher Drake, Ryan Shea, and Jeffrey Wyer

Volume I, Episode 6: You Weren't Really Doing Anything, Anyway

If there is one thing that teens in Reading, Massachusetts can agree upon it is that there is nothing to do in Reading, Massachusetts. This episode of This Reading Life explores what teens do for fun in Reading. Should the town provide more social outlets for its teen population? Listen, and decide for yourself.
By Matthew Frongillo, Matthew Healey, and Adam Paradis

Volume I, Episode 7: The Life of A Working Teen

Most teens in Reading are involved in at least one of the many co-curricular activities available at RMHS. However, some students hold jobs throughout the school year. How often do we consider the challenges faced by the working teen?
By Cameron Hoffman

Volume I, Episode 8: The Grind

Two coffee shop franchises--Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks--have reached institution status in New England communities. Each has a base of diehard loyal customers. What makes each establishment such a desirable destination for so many during their busy days?
By David Ahlquist, Andrew Lessard, and Patrick Kelleher

Volume I, Episode 9: Return of The Alumni

After twelve years in the Reading Public schools, most students are ready to take their education out into our wide world. Would any actually consider making RMHS their place of employment? Some RMHS alumni have done just that.
By CJ Arthur, Julie Covino, and Elyssa Dorenfeld

Volume I, Episode 10: Dramatic Leadership

The RMHS Drama Club is one of the most prominent co-curricular activities at RMHS. Their elaborate and thought-provoking productions enrich the entire Reading community. Not many people know, however, that a team of student-leaders plays a vital role in keeping the drama club moving in the right direction.
By Kevin Sheehan

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