In the spring of 2017, Mrs. Williams' English 11: Power of Narrative classes took the This Reading Life feature storytelling project and turned it into a community endeavor. Inspired by Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried, a novel about soldiers' experiences in the Vietnam War, students invited veterans living in the Reading community to our school in order to hear and record their first-hand experiences. Students, as amateur storytellers, crafted stories and learned what it was like to serve our country. These stories, from World War II to the Gulf War to those who served during peacetime, from all branches of the military, are forever recorded below. Whether they saw combat or not, veterans are listed below during the time of conflict they served.

Special thanks to Mr. Kevin Bohmiller, Reading's Veterans' Service Officer, for his herculean effort in helping to coordinate this project.

Mr. Nelson Burbank, World War II, B-29 Bomber
by Kevin Joos & Johnny Tierno

Mr. George Wetmore, World War II, Navy
by Caitlin Stolecki, Meghan Flynn, & Alexandra Mahr

Mr. Michael Modica, World War II, B-17 Ball Turret Gunner
by Rachel Murrin & Kelly Chetwynd

Mr. Jack Russell, WWII & Korea
by Nathan Cannon, Shannon Parks, & Kerry Blanchard

Mr. Bill Brown, Korea
by Mikaela Boudreau & Taliah Melendy

Mr. Bill Grace, Korea
by Bryan Doucetter, Bijan Brothers-Sadri, and Chris Soracco

Mr. Frank Gray, Korea
by Dan Baker, Trevor Morton, & Jonah Giaquinto

Mr. Bud Lamsen, Korea
by Matt Percy, Connor Duffy, & Nick Bonazoli

Mr. Raymond Boyd, Vietnam & "John," Korea (and a beloved customer at Christopher's Restaurant)
by Zach Nazarro, Bryan Deroo, & Owen Collins

Mr. Ron Surrette, Vietnam
by Jake Figenbaum, Zac Aronis, & Ryan Monahan

Mr. Michael Shaffer, Vietnam
by Hannah Weise, Alyssa Baylis, & Cami Van Loon

Mr. Alan Horvath, Vietnam
by Adam Chase, Jack Guilotti, & Jack Driscoll

Mr. Carl Pendexter, Vietnam
by Sofia Spadafora, Grace Bowen, & Hannah Gibson

Mr. Kevin Bohmiller, Vietnam, Navy
by Sarah Minard, Courtney Bedingfield, & Morghann McGonagle

Ms. Jessica Theriault, Gulf War, Air Force (and RMHS Vice Principal)
by Nicole Millerick & Victoria Macheras