This Reading Life:The Best of 2010
The 2009-2010 school year marked the first time that all students enrolled in English 11: The Power of Narrative were asked to complete an audio feature broadcast. The podcasts presented below are the finest podcasts produced in the spring of 2010. Though we will continue to strive for new heights of quality in our podcasts, the podcasts collected here display fine reporting, compelling storytelling, and sound use of technology.

Please feel free to leave a compliment or constructive criticism for any of our young journalists. The discussion tab at the top of this page will bring you to discussion threads for each of the stories presented below. Enjoy!

Episode #1: Harassment
by Coco Harrison and Caroline Morgan

Harassment among adolescents is a problem that has gained national attention in the last year. What is the state of harassment among adolescents in Reading?

Episode #2: Raising Awareness, Supporting Friends
by Meghan McWeeney and Ryleigh DiMattei
This is the story of how teens and teachers at RMHS responded when two students found themselves battling a frightening illness.

Episode #3: Starting To Learn
by Samantha Cataldo

Currently there is a national debate over optimal school start times for teenagers. What does the RMHS community think about this issue?

Episode #4: Don't Quit
by Ross Aylward and Matthew Dente

In December of 2009 the RMHS football team won the state championship by defeating Natick at Gillette Stadium. This is the tragic but touching story of the man whose coaching and courage inspired the young Rockets during their championship season.

Episode #5: Dodgeball!
by Greg Devito, Michael Grassi, and Alex Krugman

Take a look inside the event that has become a new rite of spring at RMHS, the annual dodgeball tournament!

Episode #6: Teaching: The Modern Oral Tradition
by Emily Crampe

Join one student as she reflects upon and explores the nature of good teaching.

Episode #7: The Prom
by Tana Brussard and Ariana Metrano
Prom is the social event of the year. But have you ever really considered what it takes to plan it, or why we have it in the first place?

Episode #8: Assistant Coaches
by Meghan Kelly
The RMHS athletic program is celebrated for its commitment to sportsmanship and for challenging student athletes to work collectively toward the highest levels of achievement. One essential aspect of the RMHS athletic program that can easily go unnoticed is the assistant coach.

Episode #9: Steering Yourself To Freedom
by Elizabeth Haley and Kierra MacDougall
The license to drive is the most prized privilege sought by American teenagers. But this freedom can cause as much anxiety among parents as it does excitement among teens.

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