This Reading Life:The Best of 2011

In the spring of 2011, juniors enrolled in English 11 hit the halls of RMHS and the streets of Reading to chronicle the people, events, and issues that defined life in our town. On this page you will find podcasts that are exemplary for the quality of their reporitng, storytelling, and use of technology. Whether it informs or entertains, each podcast is meant to provide the listener with a clearer perspective on some aspect of life in Reading.

Episode #1: A Mission To Believe In by Rachel Emmons and Susan Tuvell

Even in our prosperous nation, there are families that find themselves in need. Hundreds of local families find a helping hand at a charitable organization located right here in Reading.

Episode #2: High School Bands by Kyle Krupa

Many students are passionate about listening to the music of their favorite bands. These RMHS students are passionate about making their own. Find out why.

Episode #3: National History Day by Curtis Sgroi and David Swann

NHD is one of the most demanding academic pursuits at RMHS. It is also one of the most fulfilling. This podcast presents several perspectives on the rigors of this long-standing RMHS social studies project.

Episode #4: Make Room for The Evacuation by Amy Chase and Mariana Corrente

In the event of a natural disaster, Reading has an evacuation plan...right?

Episode #5: Contact, Concussion, and Consequences by Jeremy Battye, Nicholas Clarke, and Kyle Webb

Recently, scientists have taken up an interest in examining head injuries sustained in athletic competition. What they are finding is scary. In this podcast we find out how the issue has affected local athletes, and an expert in the field discusses the latest discoveries.

Episode #6: High Repercussions by Emily Gay and Nate Shaffer

In March of 2011 the principal of RMHS and the Chief of Reading police issued a press release regarding drug use at Reading Memorial High School. What prompted the press release? What is its intended effect?

Episode #7: Looking at the SATby Evan Dingle and Jonathan Camelo The SAT has long been accepted as a necessary part of the college application process. Join two students as they get varied perspectives on the test and how if affects students at RMHS.