This Reading Life:Best of 2012
In the spring of 2012, RMHS juniors enrolled in English 11: The Power of Narrative set out to tell compelling stories from the Reading community. Doing the work of journalists, the students sought to provide their audience with a close look at provocative people, events, and issues from our town in 2012. Collected below are the best podcasts of 2012. Enjoy.

Episode #1: Mr. Ham, by Jeremiah McKinnon
Current RMHS students know Mr. Ham as a popular substitute teacher. But do they realize that this man's association with Reading's secondary school began in 1946?

Episode #2: Mr. RMHS, by J.D. Greenfield and Jon
On one Friday night every spring, students and community members pack the Performing Arts Center to see who will be crowned Mr. RMHS.

Episode #3: BYOD: A 21st Century Way of Learning, by Justen Bates, Nick Kinteris, and Ben Oakes
In the spring of 2012, a group of teachers in the Reading Public Schools tested a practice that could represent a new direction for American education. The Bring Your Own Device initiative invited students to use their personal electronic devices in selected classrooms. Listen to this podcast and judge for yourself the potential of BYOD.

Episode #4: "Get Painting", by Matt Granetz and Matt Novello
Some call it street art. Some call it graffiti. Most call it vandalism. Whatever the name, the practice has been around for centuries. This podcast explores aesthetic and legal implications of graffiti and lets one graffiti artist speak for himself.

Episode #5: The Retirement & Legacy of William Endslow

2012 brought the retirement of Mr. Bill Endslow, the illustrious teacher, department head, and drama club director. If you've ever wanted to meet the man for whom the RMHS Performing Arts Center is named, this podcast is a good place to start.

Episode #6: Electric Cars

As concern over our society's reliance on fossil fuels has grown, automobile manufacturers have responded by designing an ever-increasing selection of gas-friendly or gas/electirc hybrid cars. Recently, a Reading car dealership became the first business in Massachusetts to offer consumers an American made all-electric car.

Episode #7: In Ten Years, by Amy Czarnota and Meghan MacDonald

What will you do after high school? Will you go to college? Will you go into the military? What career path will you choose? Hear from a college admissions counselor and many RMHS students as you consider where you will be in ten years.

Episode #8: Senior to Plebe, by Karen Burt, Brook Ryan, and Hannah

Some RMHS students have heard of the various United States military academies, but how many have ever explored what life is like at one of these highly-respected universities? This podcast does just that by introducing us to a Malden Catholic High School graduate from Reading who is now a student at the United States Naval Academy.