Volume 5, Episode 1: Reading's Hidden Nature

Dan Staffier and Jarrod Talluto introduce you to the miles of nature trails that exist within our town.

Volume 5, Episode 2: Camp Curtis Guild

Sam Rodda and Noah Peterson take you behind the barbed wire fences that surround Reading's own
Army National Guard center.

Volume 5, Episode 3: Technically Speaking

Erin Doherty and Samantha DeLuca show you that there is a lot more to an RMHS drama production than
what takes place on stage.

Volume 5, Episode 4: Exploring The Rockport Quarries

Julia Stone and Jenna Caggiano examine the intriguing but illegal practice of hanging out at the Rockport

Volume 5, Episode 5: A New Downtown

Alec O'Brien checks on the status of Reading's new business and residential development on Haven Street.

Volume 5, Episode 6: How School Lunch Works

Thomas Moylan discovers what goes into planning and preparing lunch for hundreds of RMHS students.

Volume 5, Episode 7: Gym Class

Kyle McGurn, Andy Jones, and Curtis Anderson speak with students and teachers about current trends in,
and attitudes toward today's physical education classes.