This year our juniors once again hit the streets of Reading, and the halls of RMHS, to bring you relevant and thought-provoking stories about life in our community. Give them a listen!

Volume 6, Episode 1: The Last Corner
by Mike D'Alessio

Across from the Reading depot is a small restaurant that's been thriving for decades.

Volume 6, Episode 2: Technology at RMHS
by Chris Guyott

What's the latest in technology use at RMHS? And, what could technology use at RMHS look like in the future?

Volume 6, Episode 3: Sam Fiorello
by Vanessa Espinola

He teaches dance all over the country, but many of his students are right here in Reading.

Volume 6, Episode 4: Sharlene Santo & The RHC
by Jessica Bates, Bram Kools, and Sam Wagner

Meet the director of the Reading Historical Commission, and learn about the work of this organization.

Volume 6, Episode 5: What It Takes to Become The Principal of RMHS
by Caitlin Mahoney and Molly McInerney

This spring RMHS was looking for a new principal. Find out more about how a school district identifies the right person for this critical job.

Volume 6, Episode 6: The Rhythm of The Music at RMHS
by Ryan Jonuskis and Lance Vargas

Music is a passion of so many students at RMHS. Find out more about the programs and people who develop that passion in our school.