Topics, individuals, and events that contributed to this Reading life in the 2014-2015 school year.

Volume 7, Episode 1: Profile of Coach Murphy

by Ronnie Bartalini and Brett Blomquist

Get to know the RMHS alumnus and Coolidge Middle School teacher who leads our wrestling program.

Volume 7, Episode 2: The Player Becomes The Playwright

The RMHS Drama Club took an unconventional approach to one of their annual winter shows.

Volume 7, Episode 3: School Resource Officers
by Johnny Guazzaloca

Learn about the school resource officer at RMHS and some facts about the history and origins of the SRO position.

Volume 7, Episode 4: The Life and Times of Nels Nelson
by Sean Albert, Sean Naughton, and Dan Sletterink

Meet a long-time wellness teacher who retired this year.

Volume 7, Episode 5: Getting To Know The LLD Program
by Paige Donahue and Jake McFadden

What is the LLD program in the Reading Public Schools? Find out.

Volume 7, Episode 6: Ken Polk & Alpha Omega Music Studios
by Josh Giaquinto

A local business gives music-loving teens a place to grow.