The RMHS English Department presents....This Reading Life:An English 11 Journalism ProjectOur Project:All students enrolled in English 11: The Power of Narrative take part in a unit of study that focuses on journalism and the first amendment. The culminating project for this unit is our This Reading Life podcast. The project challenges students to do the work of journalists; that is, to find compelling human interest stories within our community and to report these stories accurately, thoroughly, and eloquently. These feature stories take the form of audio broadcasts. Please see the navigation bar to the left to listen to some of our finest podcasts about life in Reading.

Our Inspiration:This Reading Life takes its inspiration from the weekly radio program This American Life. Though our approach differs slightly from that of This American Life, we admire that program's commitment to creative and entertaining storytelling that enlightens the public about people, events, and issues that provoke thought.

Our Support:This project has been made possible by a generous donation from the Reading Technology and Education Foundation. A grant from the RTEF helped us purchase the digital voice recorders that are so essential to the reporting and production work completed by our students for this project.XOur Partners:In the spring of 2010, each section of English 11 was visited by a professional journalist. A total of five journalists worked with our students, discussing everything from the essential skills of the journalist to the state of professional journalism today. Additionally, they provided many of our students with feedback on their This Reading Life podcasts. Their generous donation of time and expertise is greatly appreciated. Please note that they have been kind enough to offer their feedback to the best of our 2010 projects. You can find their comments under the discussion link on the 2010 page. Our 2010 partners included...

Bob Holmes
High School Sports Editor
The Boston Globe


Maggie Reardon
Senior Writer


Doug Tribou
RMHS Class of '92
Associate Producer
Only A Game